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Delivering your ultimate travel experience

iSafiri is a seamless collaborative effort between stakeholders in the East African travel industry coming together to deliver the ultimate travel experience while spearheading a sustainable travel movement.

500 + Tour Packages

Discover our growing list of over 500 tour packages designed by our experienced tour operators. Each Tour operator on the iSafiri Platform is licensed under the Kenya Association of Travel Operators. (KATO)

150 + Attractions and Activities

Explore what to see and what to do from our detailed list of attractions that span across the regions of Kenya. From our National Parks and Reserves to our wildlife conservancies, iSafiri promises to help you discover Kenya like never before.

350 + Hotels and Accommodations

iSafiri showcases the gorgeous and unique accommodations that you can find during your stay in Kenya. Experience a sunset balloon ride overlooking the great migration or a dinner under the stars at our luxury tented camps. Your Kenya experience begins with us.

300 + Wildlife and Birds

iSafiri provides our travelers with up to date information on the mammal and bird list found at all our attractions in Kenya. iSafiri provides a detailed list along with descriptions and fun facts about the wildlife found in Kenya. Our growing list is a collaboration between iSafiri, Kenya Wildlife Services and various conservancies that promote sustainable tourism in Kenya.

Travel Gallery

iSafiri allows its users to upload photos from their Kenyan travels and create their own travel gallery which can be shared on social media. Users can tag their gallery pictures to specific places such as hotels or attractions which serves as a digital footprint of their Kenyan travels.

Conservancy Efforts

iSafiri is partnering up with various conservancy groups in order to create a global awareness on wildlife protection and conservation efforts. Via our iSafiri blog, social media pages and local/international events, iSafiri is committed to protecting our wildlife and promoting sustainable tourism.

Karibu Kenya

Are you ready for your next Kenyan adventure? Get the latest information on the best time to travel, your document checklist, 10 day weather forecast and much more.

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